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Hope Is Not An Option

“Just as despair can come to one only from other human beings, hope too can be given to one only by other human beings.” –– Elie Weisel

When did we decide that Scrooges and skinflints should be in charge?

All around me I hear doomsayers predicting an economic collapse that will envelope the whole planet, insisting that we all have to tighten our belts (especially the poor and middle class), preaching austerity or exhorting the jobless to accept any job, even if it doesn’t pay a living wage or it crushes the soul.

The problems we face cannot be solved by politicians and CEOs. They have too much invested in the status quo to see it change. So they use the most potent weapon they have: to kill people’s hopes and dreams.

Crushing hope is the ultimate power trip, because hope is as elemental to human survival as air, water and food. However, if you let someone steal hope from you, it’s not that they now have it. It is that you’ve voluntarily surrendered it.

Hope can be renewed by developing a clarity of purpose, a commitment to action, and the confidence that comes with making a difference first for yourself, then for others.

Hope is the realization that you only have one shot at life, so you want to make the most of it. I believe each of us has the right to fully live our own individual potential, and with this right also comes the responsibility to help others fully live theirs.

If our “leaders” can’t get us out of this mess, whose job is it?

It is time for us entrepreneurs to step up to the plate.

As an entrepreneur we live on hope. To be willing to invest sweat and savings into building a future is borderline insane these days. But we do it, willingly and passionately. Because we see a solution to one piece of the puzzle, and then plow forward to make change happen.

If the 1% wants to preserve the status-quo by killing our dreams, then it is up to us solos and micro-business entrepreneurs to rekindle hope by igniting the imagination, focusing the resources and stimulating the massive action required to overcome the huge obstacles we face.

Humanity cannot afford to lose hope. This means that you and you and you and I must, at a certain point in life, stop investing our time and talents serving other people’s agendas, and start living our own. This is the calling of the entrepreneur.

I, for one, am not prepared to throw in the towel in despair. I take it on as my personal challenge to promote hope by actively living my full potential through how I’m building my business and encouraging others to live their dreams and passions through businesses of their own.

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The article that sparked this line of thought:

The wellbeing agenda isn’t navel-gazing, it’s innovation and survival
by Pat Kane (guardian.co.uk)

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