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My Startup Blog Roll (November 2012)

Here are my favorite blogs about startups and venture capital which I follow via GoogleReader:

500 Startups http://500.co
A VC http://www.avc.com/a_vc/
Above The Crowd (Bill Gurley – Benchmark Capital) http://abovethecrowd.com
Andrew Chen http://andrewchen.co/
AngelBlog by Basil Peters http://www.angelblog.net
Anil Dash http://dashes.com/anil/
Ash Mauyra http://www.ashmaurya.com/
Ask The VC (Brad Feld – Foundry Group) http://www.askthevc.com/wp
Ben Parr’s Entrepreneurial Musings http://benparr.com
ben’s blog (Ben Horowitz) http://bhorowitz.com
Betakit  http://betakit.com (added 20121204)
BeyondVC (Ed Sim – BOLDStart Ventures) http://www.beyondvc.com/
Both Sides of the Table (Mark Suster – GRP Partners) http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com
Built To Sell (John Warrilow) http://www.builttosell.com/blog/
Business At The Speed Of People – Coach Davender Gupta http://blog.davender.com
Communitech Hub (Waterloo) ” https://www.communitech.ca/category/communitech-hub/
Dan Martell (@danmartellhttp://www.danmartell.com
Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (Stanford University) http://ecorner.stanford.edu
Fast Company http://www.fastcompany.com
Feld Thoughts (Brad Feld) http://www.feld.com/wp
FounderFuel http://founderfuel.com/blog/
Foundry Group http://www.foundrygroup.com/wp
Francis Moran and Associates http://francis-moran.com
GigaOm http://gigaom.com
GrowLab (Vancouver) http://www.growlab.ca/category/news
How to Change the World (Guy Kawasaki) http://blog.guykawasaki.com
Instigator Blog – Ben Yoskovitz (Year One Labs) http://www.instigatorblog.com/
La passion du succès (Coach Davender Gupta) http://blogue.davender.com
Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog http://lsvp.com
Maple Butter (Dan Martell) http://maplebutter.com/
Marc Andreessen http://blog.pmarca.com
Mark Evans Tech http://www.markevanstech.com
MaRS Entrepreneur’s Toolkit (Toronto) http://www.marsdd.com/entrepreneurs-toolkit/
Mashable http://mashable.com
Montreal Tech Watch http://montrealtechwatch.com
Next Montreal http://nextmontreal.com
OnStartups http://onstartups.com/
Paul Graham (YCombinator) “http://www.paulgraham.com”http://www.paulgraham.com
Redeye VC (Josh Kopelman – First Round Capital) http://redeye.firstround.com
Resolute.VC (Mike Hirshland) http://resolute.vc/blog Venture Chronicles (Jeff Nolan) http://jeffnolan.com/wp
SAI: Silicon Alley Insider http://www.businessinsider.com/sai
Seeing Both Sides (Jeff Busgang – Flybridge Capital) http://bostonvcblog.typepad.com/vc
Seth Godin http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog
Seth Levine’s VC Adventure http://www.sethlevine.com/wp
Six Pixels of Separation (Mitch Joel – Twist Image) http://www.twistimage.com
Sprouter.com http://sprouter.com/blog
Startup Lessons Learned http://www.startuplessonslearned.com/
Startup Professionals Musings (Martin Zwilling) http://blog.startupprofessionals.com
StartupNorth http://startupnorth.ca
Steve Blank http://steveblank.com
TechCrunch http://techcrunch.com
Techvibes Global Blog http://www.techvibes.com/global
The Business Insider http://www.businessinsider.com
The Conversation (Harvard Business Review) http://blogs.hbr.org/cs
The Kernel http://www.kernelmag.com
The Next Web http://thenextweb.com
The Verge http://www.theverge.com/
This Is Going To Be Big (Charlie O’Donnell – Brooklyn Bridge Ventures) http://www.thisisgoingtobebig.com
Uncrunched (Michael Arrington) http://uncrunched.com
VC Cafe http://www.vccafe.com
VC Confidential http://www.vcconfidential.com
Venture Hacks (Kauffman Foundation) http://venturehacks.com
VentureBeat http://venturebeat.com
VentureBlog (David Hornick – August Capital) http://ventureblog.com
WayTooEarly (Howard Lee Morgan – First Round Capital) http://waytooearly.firstround.com

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