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Permission To Change, Sir!

Whose permission are you waiting for to get moving?

The biggest challenge of an entrepreneur, especially at the startup stage, is accountability. When responsibility for delivering a result  comes back to the self, it’s too easy to let standards fall and timelines slip.

Job #1 of the startup entrepreneur is challenging the status-quo. And the status-quo has a huge inertia that take a lot of energy to overcome. This energy comes from a sense of mission (who am I?), vision (what do I want?) and permission (what qualities and strengths make me the person to execute this vision?).

We don’t have the luxury of a boss looking down on us or a drill sergeant screaming after us. Hiring a coach or joining a mastermind group can help for limited periods, but they are temporary supports that eventually lose their effectiveness.

Accountability starts with taking 100% responsibility. “If it’s to be it’s up to me”. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to start, whether it’s a coach, a mentor, a colleague, a client or an investor.

Whose permission are you waiting for?


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