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The measure of a successful validation: Surprise

The typical market study or validation process suffers from a fatal flaw: the entrepreneur is looking for data that proves he is right.

But are you looking for validation, or reassurance?

Too often people approach market research looking for clues to support their idea. The problem with this is that it is too easy to skip over important signs that the idea is not the right one, or needs to be refined in order to maximize its impact and its chances of success.

The real purpose of the idea validation process is insight – discovering something you didn’t know that you didn’t know. This means that your market study efforts should challenge your assumptions and hypothesis, attempting to disprove them.

Producing data that shows you’re right is easy. And if you base your business on just that level of analysis, then reality will disprove your assumptions and hypothesis for you, costing you big bucks. You want to uncover the hidden bombs before they blow up in your face.

You’re on a hunt to strip away the layers of mediocrity around your idea to find the diamond within. Because life’s too short to build something that’s just meh.


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Image credit: Caro Wallis via Flickr
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