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Thoughts on a sudden passing


A colleague suddenly passed away yesterday, from a heart attack during his morning treadmill workout. He was 61, only a few years older than me.

I didn’t know him well, having only met once, at a barbeque at his house. But I was preparing to start a closer collaboration with him.

He was active, engaged, influential.

It was like the switch went from “on” to “off”. C’est fini.

Which made me wonder…

First, this is how I want to go. Fast, not a long, lingering illness. Although I want a few more years than he had.

Second, if I were to go suddenly, what would I do with all this experience, all these ideas, all these lessons and messages that I have been holding back? Would they disappear with me?

If my life were to suddenly end, what would I leave unfinished?


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Image credit: Priyambada Nath via Flickr
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