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What’s The Hurry?

6738872293_e3782f1306_bI often meet startup entrepreneurs who passionately believe they’ve found THE billion-dollar idea and who are anxious to launch their web site NOW!

The problem is that although they think the value they offer is obvious and people will be lining up as soon as their site goes live, they have not done the hard work to figure out what will get people to not just look, but to buy.

Take the time it takes to explore the customer space. Launch only when you’ve nailed down the purchase decision trigger: the right fit, the right place and the right time when the right people recognize you have the right solution to a critical issue they’re experiencing in the moment, and who decide to buy right here and right now.

It’s not first to market, it’s first to profit.

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Image credit: Chrlster via Flickr
Direct link: https://flic.kr/p/bgutXk
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