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Transitioning the Business Model from Service to Product

I’m working with an established business in which the large majority of their income comes from technology consulting and services, however they have developed a software which they use in conjunction with their service.

They are considering shifting their business model from 80%/20% service/product, to the opposite. This is a major decision, which requires a deep level of analysis to consider.

After a recent work session with them, I decided to map out the “problem space”: a series of questions looking at all the different aspects to consider in determining the transition strategy. It’s not complete but it is a good start to exploring the problem.

20150222 Transitioning from service to product business v2.mm


(link to PDF: 20150222 Transitioning from service to product business v2.mm )

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  • Sovita Chander March 10, 2015, 14:37

    Great idea. I love using a mind map to get these questions on the table, because transitioning a business model isn’t easy. Now one question for you: where are you putting the buyer?

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