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You can’t hack your way to success. Too many startups think the physics of business don’t apply to them, and that they can succeed by copious amounts of buzz and Red Bull. It’s like jumping into the cockpit of a jet fighter without a basic understanding of aerodynamics. All it does is create a big hole in the ground. And there are too many holes and too many casualties already.

I guide high-performance entrepreneurs to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to change the world. I work to build the next generation of “venture entrepreneur”, who understands that the path to market domination is to create so much added value for the customer that you become the obvious go-to choice for them.

I believe that it’s time to get back to basics. I am guided by the Lean Startup approach, which defines a startup as a search for a viable and repeatable business model, created as a collaboration between the priority needs of the customer and the vision of the entrepreneur, and where the metrics that count are customer satisfaction and the size of the revenue stream.

I call myself a “Venture Catalyst“, growing businesses that generate wealth for their founders and value for all stakeholders. I provoke growth by obsessing over two key questions:

1. What is the Problem-Solution Fit? How does your offer solve a problem that keeps your users awake at night? Who are the early adopters who recognize the value of what you offer?

2. What is the Product-Market Fit? What is the value-added of your solution and how much are your customers willing to pay for it?

My business, Startup-Académie, is not a contest, it is not an investment fund, and it is not a conventional “90-day wonder” accelerator. We take the time to help you find the right strategy and the right partners, financial and other, that will get your project to the next level without having to compromise the boldness of your vision.

My startups invest their own money for my support. I do not take equity. This ensures that the entrepreneur does not dilute their share structure early on, and that the support I give you is in your best interest, not what will pay off for me.

My fees are determined according to the goals, the needs, the resources and the commitment of the entrepreneur. All my fees are negotiable. In some cases, financial aid or flexible payment terms are available. Please ask.

The prerequisites for working with me:

  • you have at least a general idea of the product or service you want to create, and it is based on a technological or commercial innovation;
  • you want to build a high-performance business, one that eventually requires a team of partners and employees, and with the goal of generating wealth for the business and value for the stakeholders by becoming the go-to choice for your target market;
  • you may require seed or growth capital (angel, venture capital or non-traditional capital such as crowdfunding) – or you may choose to bootstrap with your own cash reserves; and
  • you have a willingness to learn, develop and execute your idea with input from others.

I work best with entrepreneurs who are at the idea, definition and validation stages (pre-launch and launching).