What Is Your Ground Truth?

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I read two or three slide decks a week. Many start with a description of the problem. This is good. However, invariably, I sense a fatal mistake.

I understand that you see a problem or an opportunity. Often it is something you have experienced and which motivates you to act. 

However, who else sees the issue or opportunity? Do they perceive it the same way as you?

“Four out of five dentists”

This is where customer discovery is critical. Customer discovery is discovering and understanding your customer’s needs and motivation to act. Customer discovery provides the ground truth that supports your whole business model.

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Digital marketing does not mean that sales is obsolete, especially in B2B

A discussion point in a #MTLGrowthChallenge coaching session:
Digital #marketing does not relieve you of the need to build personal relationships, especially in complex #B2B #sales! The role of digital is to inform and educate, while the role of the seller is to build a long-term trust relationship to better guide the buyer through the complexity. 

Discuté à la session de coaching #DefiCroissanceMtl: le marketing numérique ne remplace pas la necéssité du contact humain, surtout dans le B2B! Le rôle du numérique est d’informer et d’éduquer, et le rôle du vendeur est développer une relation de confiance à long-terme afin de guider l’acheteur à travers un processus de vente souvent complexe.

See the McKinsey report: “What the future science of B2B sales growth looks like


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