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  • Smart Entrepreneurs Wear Six Hats
    [Business:Entrepreneurialism] Entrepreneurs are necessarily optimistic. However, the downside is that your emotional attachment can blind you to problems that are otherwise obvious to someone who is not as personally invested in the project. The Six Thinking Hats are a structured creativity tool to help you look at a situation from different perspectives, to solve a problem or to foresee risks before they turn into problems.
  • How to Build a Network That Attracts Opportunity
    [Business:Networking] The reality of today’s tough economy means it is up to you to provide the stability that you want in your career, your business and your life. The good news is that the more people know about you, your talents and your abilities, the more you will attract the clients, projects, resources, people, ideas, money and opportunities that you want. Here are some ideas to help you build a network that will provide you with the opportunities you are looking for.
  • How to Be a Great Mastermind Team Support Buddy
    [Self-Improvement:Motivation] A strong Mastermind Team is an essential component of your success support system. An effective Mastermind Buddy relationship gives you someone to push you, to cheer you on, to challenge you when times get tough and to celebrate your success with. Here are ten tips on how to be a great Mastermind Buddy.
  • Seven Points to Consider When Offering a Referral Bonus
    [Business:Marketing] For professional service providers, referral bonus programs (also called “ambassador” or “affiliate” programs) are a popular way to encourage people to send you qualified prospective customers. Are you considering offering such a program? Here are seven points to consider to make it more effective.
  • What Price Are You Willing to Pay?
    [Self-Improvement:Motivation] What are price are you willing to pay so that you can successfully transform your intention into reality? If you want to incorporate a new result into your life, you need to be willing to exchange something of your present situation, something that is currently occupying your time, money and energy, for the creation of a new reality.
  • Break Your Multitasking Habit and Get More Done
    [Self-Improvement:Time-Management] Is it a good idea to multitask? Juggling tasks that require cognitive, creative or problem-solving skills aggravates the negative impacts of multitasking: reduced productivity and increased stress.
  • Social Capital – Your Company’s Most Important Resource
    [Business:Team-Building] Invisible on the financial balance sheet, your company’s culture, otherwise known as social capital, is the capacity of the organization to be innovative and creative. You can’t borrow, rent or hire social capital. You’ve got to do the hard work to create it internally. The good news is once you’ve got it and are able to keep it going, then social capital becomes a strong, invisible asset that has a direct impact on the bottom line.
  • Your Vision is Always a Work in Progress
    [Self-Improvement:Motivation] We talk a lot about “vision”, but what is it really? Is it a description of a Promised Land, so tempting but so far away that we have no real chance of reaching it? Or is it cast in stone with no compromise, a Five-Year-Plan with fixed goals and performance objectives?
  • How to Build Trust to Create the Results You Want
    [Relationships] Trust is the essential binding agent that keeps people working together. What is Trust? How is it built or broken or rebuilt?
  • To Sell, Tell – How to Write a Powerful One-Page Sales Letter
    [Business:Marketing] So you want to present your great new product or service to a potential customer. How do you make your case so they “get” the value of what you’re offering, and they quickly say YES to what you’re offering? Here is a simple five-point outline to use which will build your prospect’s interest in your offer and influence them to buy.
  • When is Spam, Spam?
    [Business:Marketing] It is tempting to send a “cold” e-mail to someone in order to introduce your products and services. But is this strategy effective? What is the difference between an e-mail that is appreciated and one that gets flagged as spam?
  • How to Become the Go-To Professional
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] You’re good at what you do…but do your prospective clients know that? Too many professionals rely on their credentials and certifications to communicate their competence. The problem is that most people outside your profession usually do not understand (or don’t care about) the meaning of those letters after your name. To get more and better clients, you need to stand out from the crowd by proactively positioning yourself. Here are three principles to help you become “The Go-To Professional” in your specialty and your target market.
  • Maximize Your Power With a Daily Ten-Point Confidence Checkup
    [Self-Improvement:Empowerment] Low-level anxiety about the future is an insidious form of stress that can sap your confidence just like a slow leak in your car’s engine compromises its power. A professional driver checks the tire pressure, fluid levels, belts, hoses and lights before setting out for a day of driving.
  • Think Tactical and Get it Done
    [Self-Improvement:Motivation] Do you have great plans but are not getting things done? You need to shift your mindset from strategic planning to tactical execution. By following a simple six-point tactical action process, you will ensure that you do the right things right now, so you can win at creating the future you really want.
  • How Big is Your Whuffie – Transform Your Reputation Into a Client Magnet
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] What if the strength of your personal reputation was as important as cash in the bank? We are entering an age where relationships are just as important, and probably even more so, than money. This article explains how to build your reputation in order to attract more and better clients.
  • Ten Questions to Ask Yourself to Make More Confident Decisions
    [Self-Improvement:Motivation] Life is a series of choices. How do you make a decision that you won’t later regret? If you’ve collected all your data, done your risk analysis, listed your pros and cons, and done all of the other logical steps…but you still feel hesitant, then go through this list of questions to see if you can answer them with confidence and clarity. If you can do so, then you will not regret your decision, because your choice is in line with your intuition.
  • Make a Great First Impression That Helps You Get Want You Want
    [Business:Presentation] What is the dollar value of a good first impression? Ten thousand dollars? A hundred thousand? A million dollars? When you want help from others to make your idea happen, your first impression is priceless. Clients, investors, employees and other stakeholders are betting on you based on the first impression you make when you speak. How much is your first impression worth?
  • Eight Characteristics of a Strong Mission Statement
    [Self-Improvement:Techniques] Every person has a unique combination of passions and values, shaping and defining who they are, consciously or unconsciously. Once you find a compelling way to clearly articulate your core value and the passions that put this core value into motion, you will create a powerful tool that you can use as a decision criteria, a motivation or a standard to which to live your life. Discover eight characteristics of a strong Mission Statement.
  • Consciously Live Your Personal Mission
    [Self-Improvement:Motivation] Your Mission Statement is your guide, to help you consciously choose the kind of life that you want. The next step for you is to apply your Mission Statement to a Vision that you want to create. Conscious application of your Mission Statement will help you become much more “attractive”: the ability to bring into your reach all of the people, money, resources and opportunities you need to create the future you want.
  • How to Constructively Respond to Stress in Your Business
    [Self-Improvement:Stress-Management] In this accelerating world, many entrepreneurs are under enormous stress. This stress is the result of a feeling that something is not quite right, that there is a disconnect between a commitment we have made and what we know (either consciously or unconsciously) the situation to really be.
  • Accountability – Doing What You Say is Most Important to You
    [Self-Improvement:Leadership] Accountability is a mysterious word to most people. In real life, it is very simple. Accountability means “doing what I say I’m going to do”. Accountability is the fundamental personal leadership skill of taking responsibility for ourselves to do what we say is most important for us to do.
  • How to Make Your Networking Message Sing
    [Business:Networking] In networking events or even when meeting that “perfect contact” in an elevator, a concise elevator pitch or infomercial that communicates who you are and what you offer can make the difference between a new person remembering or forgetting you. Here are ten tips to make your networking message sing!
  • How to Barter Your Services Profitably
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] When starting out as a self-employed service provider, especially in a difficult economy, you are often faced with clients who need your services, want to hire you, but are unable to pay you in cash. In your eagerness to start doing what you really love to do, the temptation to lower your price or give your service away is irresistible – and dangerous if you are not careful. If you choose to consider a barter or pro-bono arrangement, here are ten tips to make sure it is profitable for you!
  • Get That Idea Out of Your Head – Ten Tips For Effective Prototyping
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] Too many entrepreneurs, when they have a good idea, try to make it happen by going “ready, aim, aim, aim” and never get around to executing. Or when they do, it’s too late and no one is interested. Get out of “analysis paralysis” by adopting an attitude of rapid prototyping, as a first step to get the idea out of the head to the real world. Here are ten tips on how to prototype your ideas rapidly and effectively.
  • Ten Tips to Create a Website That Moves Readers to Take Action
    [Internet-and-Businesses-Online:Web-Development] To say that the future of the Web is e-commerce, is like saying that the future of printing is catalogs. If you have an idea or a vision you feel strongly about, the Web is a powerful tool that you can use to make your idea come alive, and, to paraphrase Gandhi, “ignite the change you wish to see in the world.”
  • Ten Characteristics of a Powerful Personal Brand Statement
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] For every unique combination of talents and gifts, there is a venue to express them. This venue may be hidden from you at the moment, but when you find a compelling way to articulate your talents and gifts, you will become fearless in articulating them. One way to articulate who you are is to create your Personal Brand Statement: expressing in a very compelling way what you have to offer to the world.
  • Your Two-Page Business Plan – Cut the Fluff, Get to the Good Stuff!
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] Why spend days of work on a 100-page business plan document that you will never refer to, or update, because it is too complex? Here are six simple yet powerful questions that provide a concise, dynamic template that will clarify the core of your success strategy for yourself and your colleagues.
  • How to Harness the Power of Change
    [Self-Improvement:Leadership] Just like the relentless change of seasons, nothing is static in this world. Are you going to let change control you, or can you harness the power of change so that you are in control?
  • From Resolution to Result – Transform Your Good Intentions Into Real Results
    [Self-Improvement:Motivation] Why do most resolutions fail? Do resolutions really work to create lasting change?
  • Ten Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Be a Solopreneur
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] Is there life for professionals after being laid off or downsized in this economy? You bet! If you decide to take the plunge, you can discover a New Economy that is booming: that of Solopreneurs. Discover ten reasons why now is the best time to be a Solopreneur!
  • Taking Care of Number One – Ten Tips to Get Into the Self-Care Habit
    [Health-and-Fitness:Mind-Body-Spirit] Have you ever noticed that there is just never enough time? There is always another project, another “to-do”, another responsibility to take care of. Yet, your own body and soul needs care and feeding. Once you learn to take care of yourself first you will discover that you gain the energy to take care of everything else. Here are ten tips to adopt positive self-care habits.
  • First Date, Then Marry – How to Make Strategic Alliances Work
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] As a solo-professional, teaming up with another solo to find clients together can be very tempting. However, strategic alliances are strange things, just like dating and marriage. This article will help you choose whether or not a strategic alliance is a good fit for you, and how to make it work for you, your alliance partner, and especially your clients.
  • Yes, You Deserve It – Five Tips to Strengthen Your Deservability Muscle
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] Why is it that even though your potential client may seem eager to do business with you when they first meet you, their interest seems to fade off as they start talking to you? I’ve always believed that “business is personal”. A successful business relationship is all about building a bridge of confidence and trust between you and your prospect.
  • Resilience – Live a No-Limits Life in Chaotic Times
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] How successful are you at staying balanced during these chaotic times? If you are like the majority of people, probably not as well as you’d like… What if you redefined what “balance” means to you?
  • On the Right Questions
    [Self-Improvement:Leadership] Too often, in business and in life, we spend all of our time looking for the “right answers” – this mythical book of instructions which contains all of the recipes to create what we say we want. We live in a time where the common citizen has at hand more information than at any other moment in the history of humanity. This knowledge is constantly changing and evolving at an accelerating rate.
  • How to Get Your Phone Ringing After Vacation
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] Coming back from vacation or an extended absence? Here’s how to get your phone ringing with clients who want what you offer!
  • The Golden Moment – From Contact to Connection in Ten Seconds Flat
    [Business:Networking] When networking, do people open up to you or do you they ignore you? In networking, time counts. You only have ten seconds to pique your new contact’s interest and initiate a conversation, or else your contact will lose interest and dismiss you.
  • Taming Your Perfectionist Streak
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] Are you your own worst boss, your most shrill critic? How can you tame this perfectionist streak, and transform it into an energy that powers you forward towards excellence?
  • Get Paid a Lot For What You Got
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] Tired of your clients trying to bring down your fee? Dump the nickel-and-dimers and sell to the people who value what you have to offer!




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