Don’t Let Them Go!

The tech world’s latest fad is to cut staff “because of the coming downturn”. The idea is that you will extend your runway by slowing your burn rate.

This is a big mistake. Layoffs signal to your team, investors, and customers that you know you’ve lost. It’s so easy to cut once that you’ll do it again.

Let people go, and you won’t get them back. What’s worse, you’ll cripple the productivity of those who stay and of your whole company. You will end up in a worse situation.

If you have done the real work of finding your problem-solution fit, validating your business model with real-life customer discovery, and defining and managing your Hypotheses, Assumptions, Risks and Dependencies, then you got this.

Now is the time to double down. Focus on your mission. Sign those clients. Book that revenue. Manage those uncertainties. Maximize your execution.

Tech is scalable. People are not.