(HBR) The Overlooked Key To A Successful Scaleup

I love this article which describes in detail what I call the “third horizon” or Cashflow stage of the Momentum Scaling growth model. In each preceding horizon, H1-Credibility and H2-Capability, the success metric is reaching a positive cash flow threshold which is not necessarily optimal or sustainable but gets you to the next level. In H3-Cashflow, the goal is to find your Profit Proposition (what the authors call “Profit-Market Fit”), putting you in the zone of continuous and scalable profitability.

The main message in common between this article and the Momentum Scaling model is Clayton Christensen’s quote: “Be patient for growth and impatient for profits.”

Link to HBR Article: https://hbr.org/2023/01/the-overlooked-key-to-a-successful-scale-up